What is Grief?

February 27, 2021

What is grief, if not love yet enduring?
preserving their lovely flaws and fractures
that time is always working at obscuring,
as we hold tightly the adored hearts we captured.

What is grief, if not a struggle within?
Should you move on? Would it be wrong?
Where did it end and begin?
What was and what then’s just go on and on.

What is grief, if not love persevering?
There’s tears in your eyes
but your ears keep on hearing
the sound of their laughter rise,

the sound of their voices telling stories,
your mind flashes through visions of them,
dreams, cares, victories, worries,
you keep waiting for them to call or walk in.

Take time to pray for them, talk to them,
sing to them, cry with them, laugh with them,
don’t be scared to remember them,
they are in you and you are with them.

Whether they were lovers, or friends, or kin,
feel your grief and hold it up to see them again.
Whether they were lovers, or friends, or kin,
feel your grief, hold it up, and love them again.

choppy water thoughts

July 25, 2014

smooth seas lend themselves to release,
a peace of mind in a piece of time,
here i find the memories of the unrefined grind of the life i left behind,
again i decide to leave it behind,
gotta move forward, have to keep growing,
more obstacles will come, lessons will keep bestowing
their jewels upon me as i navigate the sea,
it’s simply up to me to heal and build constantly

sometimes i see myself

April 16, 2013

i recognize myself at times,

hiding behind the lines in my face,

residing in the silence and space

between the words,

between terms

of engagement i’ve drawn up with life,

i see myself and i remember

what i’ve forgotten,

memories, stories, angles, injuries,

hugs, blessings, many things

i’ve left behind burried,

or perhaps they’re the foundation

upon now which i’m carried?

faces past

May 7, 2012

faces from the past litter the present,

lurking in the features of strangers

that move with familiar sway,

draped across a scent we once knew,

displayed in a movement we once saw,

ghosts from the past show themselves,

they never really leave

morning commute

March 30, 2012

stepping outside i see grey skies greet me

as the sounds of traffic fight for space in my ears,

lights dictate my movements

as streets run freely before and behind me,

the path is clear,

it is going to be a good day

emerald soul

March 30, 2012

i close my eyes and see yours

staring back at me,

your beautiful emerald soul

embraces me, caresses me,

comforts and enlivens me,

one look is all i need,

one look brings me peace

unfinished rhyme

March 22, 2012

catching inspiration’s fireflies at night,
keep em in a jar sealed up nice and tight,
won’t let em free til they’re tuned up just right
to dance with your thoughts and generate their own light,
only here in the letters can minds be free,
in the sphere of ears music’s keys set you free,
as unleashing years of tears lets the heart beat free,
I let the beats carry me to a place I can free
me with music I was born to channel,
poems flow, illuminated, flipping switches on a panel
activating live wires that used to be chattel,
keeping soft light woolen, so you can call me flannel

lunch in a break room

January 5, 2012

a simple sign of affection,
clear signs of reflection
of unmentioned ascension,
it’s a constant progression,
in the right direction we move
like the bass line of a smooth groove,
swaying in time with nothing to prove,
connections so smooth they do behoove
whatever we want it to be
you and me, free to see,
feel, dance, be, or feel, for as we
choose, it’s all real, all free,
and life will never be the same


crystal clear moment

December 13, 2011

stuck silently in a moment,

trapped in the confines of my mind

as i rewind the scenes i just lived through,

i breathe and feel it all over again

choose your own adventure

September 1, 2011

each and every day is a challenge, a puzzle,
brain cells are firing off like a gun muzzle,
and every breathe you guzzle
as you step through each day
is a little more fuel in your tank to display
the person you want to be in the words you say,
and actions taken,
you can reawaken a forsaken cache
of dreams yearning to be brought to life,
see every moment experienced as rife
with opportunity akin to the edge of a knife,
just don’t go looking back, remember Lot’s wife

heart burn

August 31, 2011

reaching up from the center of my being,
creeping towards the doors of my sustenance,
lava like sensations announce it’s presence,
it settles into position and stays as nights bleed into days,
chalky residues keep it at bay,
yet somehow it still finds a way to come out to play

beach day

August 31, 2011

waves crash as puppies splash,
a butterfly braves the bewildering breeze,
sea salty kisses sizzle above the sands,
it’s a perfect afternoon as far as i can see

snatched from your hand

August 22, 2011

in a single moment
the pebble’s snatched away,
darkness engulfs your day as dismay
wipes away any trace of sunlight,
in this darkness of night
superimposed on your sight
you reach for an answer,
search for solace from the pain,
but it is all done in vain
as it’s not yet the time
for you to find anything kind,
but you will

dreaming reality

August 17, 2011

your thoughts travel on the breeze
and meet me as i stand here,
feet set firmly in these dreams,
co-creating images in this sphere,
all of us are contributing it seems,
so every time i see one of you here
walking with me in my dreams
it makes me wonder if this atmosphere
is as real as waking life scenes,
are we as real as we are here
as when we appear in each others dreams?


August 16, 2011

move like water of the river seeking out the sea,
move like space between notes making music free
from the monotony of silence,
move with the rhythm of existence, like it’s
the last time you’ll ever get to move,
you never know, this might be your last groove,
just breathe, be alive, just move

walking on

August 16, 2011

got an eye ball pasted to the future
and an eye ball stuck to the present,
that leaves no eye left for the past,
so i leave it wherever it may be,
what’s done is done,
searching for last nights darkness
won’t help me bask in today’s sun

stepping towards

August 10, 2011

i lost you coming around a turn,
not sure where you ran off to,
and as the sunlight slowly burns
i pursue you while enjoying the view,

i can feel you around here somewhere
and i know shortly we’ll be face to face,
in the meantime i love feeling the air
rushing across my mind at this pace

grey skies

August 8, 2011

mellow mood imbued
as clouds come down infused
with peaceful thoughts,
the ticks & tocks of clocks
can’t stop the easy feelings embossed
on me by grey skies


August 8, 2011

lost and confused
in the lake of illusion,
paddling unenthused,
piling up contusions,
at each turn refused
so these delusions
infuse mad allusions
into my conclusions

presence in absence

August 5, 2011

when i can’t see you because you’re away
i can still feel you all through the day,
when i can’t hear you because you’re off far
i can still sense you, where ever you are
that’s where i want to be, you’re like the north star
that i track from this sea